Multi-Channel Roll-Out


Proctor & Gamble


Coles, Target, Priceline, Pharmacies


In 2011, consumers were increasingly looking for premier ‘salon-type’ hair-care products in more traditional retail channels. P&G wanted to build rapid market share across multiple retail channels with a high-volume roll-out, while emphasizing the high-quality, premium nature of the products.


  • ‘Premium’ fixtures to support brand positioning
  • Strong visual appeal for ‘cut through’
  • Awareness, education and information at shelf
  • Installation versatility to maximise applicable Channels
  • Encourage Trial Packs and brand switching
  • Adaptable fixtures, using existing shelving where possible


  • Clear, gloss-black and mirror acrylic with gloss-white powder-coating and gold detailing
  • LED illumination for the data strip and the modular glorified area
  • Information panels for educational purposes for product heroes and a booklet fixed into the experience bar
  • Extrusion base design allows variable widths and increased versatility
  • Modular acrylic hooks allow featured products and trial packs to be highlighted
  • Modular components magnetise to the shelf and unique shelf design allows fixing to existing Coles and Target shelving


  • Priceline roll-out of 4-shelf & 3-shelf units to 130 stores
  • Target roll-out of 4-shelf units to 107 stores
  • Coles roll-out of 4-shelf and 2-shelf units to 700 stores
  • Pharmacies roll-out of 3-shelf units to 500 stores