New Product Launch


Stuart Alexander

Job Name

Mentos Pure Fresh Gum


Coles, Woolworths and Independent Grocery


Mentos was launching a new product into a new category, namely Mentos Pure Fresh Gum into the fresh-breath chewing gum category, traditionally occupied by Wrigley’s Extra. They wanted to be accessible to the widest possible audience in the grocery space and were looking for maximum Brand exposure and New Product exposure.


  • Ease of install & handling
  • Mentos Brand Visibility & Product attributes
  • Retailer Logo / branding available if requested
  • Flexibility of medium to accommodate different locations
  • Flexibility to accommodate various Mentos product packs / formats


  • Provide pre-packed units, complete with merchandise
  • Reflective materials and foil stock used – eye-catching and radiating ‘freshness’
  • Specific artwork for Woolworths and Coles
  • Formats used:
  • Tower units: for larger grocery outlets
  • Counter Units: for smaller footprint grocery space
  • Hang-Sell; magnetized for flexibility / accessEach format allows 3 pack formats to be stored