Digital and Interactive Display


Coca-Cola Amtail


Independent Liquor


To capitalize on the interest in cocktails generated by shows such as Mad Men and Masterchef etc., Coca-Cola Amatil wanted to educate shoppers as to the liquors and related soft-drinks, from their roster, which are commonly used for ‘mixed drinks’.  They want to encourage consumers to experiment outside their comfort zone of beer & wine and ultimately increase the ‘basket size’ per shopper


  • Remove the mystery around mixing cocktails at home
  • Sufficiently unique and highly visible display to encourage interaction and engagement
  • New media to create uniqueness and interaction
  • Provide in-store education which can be easily utilized at home


  • Video content on a large TV screen shows the ease of making cocktails – ‘easy as 1-2-3’
  • Undershelf LED lighting and interchangeable graphic & end caps illuminated with additional LEDs mounted within extruded shelf strip
  • Interactive iPad touch-screen and simple directions on how to use
  • Maximum bandwidth connectivity to the Mixxit website and ability to send instructions to customer e-mail


  • The uniqueness of the multi-media design has been notable enough that it has been re-used to drive a major campaign to promote Jim Beam in 2013
  • Up to 40% increase in sales on those products featured in the Mixxit@Home Unit