Project Description

id8 Studio, Display Stands, Scholl Active Gel


Scholl Gel Active Everyday Insoles improve the comfort of your shoes all day long. Their Unique GelActiv technology is a dual gel which provides optimum level of cushioning and shock absorption.  This new range from Reckitt Benckiser launched in 2015 are designed to keep your feet happy.  On average 30% of Reckitt Benckiser’s revenue comes from innovations which have been launched in the past three years, this is why id8 Studio have created a premium floor stand display to further support the above the line launch of the Scholl shoe inserts and foot care products.  The permanent free standing display can stock their full 18 SKU range of inserts along with the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi with Diamond Crystals, the Express Pedi refills and the Velvet Smooth intense serum range.


The 3 sided design can be utilised as a standalone display shoppable from all sides or positioned against shelving as an isle interrupter for smaller pharmacy locations.  It addresses a number of the requirements needed including the ability to drive consumer education on new product development with updatable graphic areas. The unit can be fitted with hooks or shelves in a number of configurations to ensure future flexibility for new product releases. The shape is reminiscent of a footprint and comes together in simple streamline design. It also includes lockable castor wheels for stability and mobility. The stands were supplied both as assembled units for ease of activation and also a proportion flat packed for efficient shipping.  Both activations have been well received into Pharmacy locations across Australia.


Hitting over 400 independent pharmacy outlets the 100% distribution and activation of this solution enabled the team to drive sales increase across the total Scholl range of product. With new and retained customers trialling the new product on display it allowed Scholl to increase their customer base substantially and showcase the product innovation Scholl is now well known for.

The introduction of large graphic educational panels increased the customers understanding of the products features and benefits reflecting in sales uplift and gave the retailers the flexibility to range the products which aligned with the store demographics.

Off location space allowed for new innovative products to be quickly and easily ranged without taking away space on shelf for existing products.

Customer engagement assisted correct product choice – Touch and feel “Find the right insole for you” education guide helped the shopper to identify and select the right product for them.