Project Description

Nestle Odyssey

Nestle Odyssey Unit


To win back front of store at independent supermarkets with a focus on providing Nestle Australia field teams with the right POP display unit; converting unused ‘airspace’ into valuable selling space and driving incremental sales of our ‘gold range’ of merchandise (includes KITKAT, other confectionery and cold solutions).

Product Insights

  • 75% of all confectionery sales are impulsive
  • Shoppers actively avoid the confectionery aisle
  • Presence at front of store is crucial to the success of confectionery

Independent Store Insights

Shoppers are increasingly using independent stores for “top up shops” rather than their main food shop.

This has led to IGA adopting a “Buy as you Need” strategy focused on smaller baskets sizes.

Our Design Challenge

  • FLEXIBILITY: Display to adapt to a variety of different locations
  • ADAPTABLE: Compatible with all store footprints and hardware
  • PERMANENT: Secured to store hardware to create permanency
  • SEAMLESS: Integrated into the overcrowded express checkout area
  • ADAPTABLE: Easy for the field to assemble and expand without the use of tools
  • SLEEK: Aesthetically fit into any store décor
  • NEW REAL ESTATE: Turn airspace around checkouts into selling space

Design Solution

We created a premium yet neutral design that was adaptable for all in-store locations.

Aesthetic features include a clean white frame with wood grain elements and integrated lighting, perfectly complementing the independent grocery store interior.

The universal parts click together without tools enabling quick transitions from 1 to 9 facings, making the display super-efficient for merchandisers.

Odyssey can be adapted to any in-store location. It has been designed to attach onto existing grocery store hardware, but the design also incorporates various attachments so it can be transformed from wall, to free standing or even mounted onto cooler displays commonly used at check-out.

The display also incorporates updatable SKU panels for seamless product and brand updates.

Check out how Odyssey Display works!


The Nestle Odyssey POP Displays totally transformed checkout real estate, turning airspace into primary selling space.

It allowed Nestle to win back front of store, aligning with the shopper led “Buy as you need” strategy supported by independent stores.

The POS display was seamlessly integrated into the store design, whilst keeping the “Gold Range” within arm’s reach of shoppers.

The sales results were unprecedented, turning a ghost zone into a highly profitable sales area fulfilling objectives above and beyond KPI’s in only 12 weeks!

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Global Award Winner 2020!

The team at id8 Studio received top honours for Nestlé Odyssey Display at the Shop! Global Awards.

It was also awarded a Gold trophy in the 2019 Australian and New Zealand Shop! Awards for best Grocery Store Permanent Display

This project was about turning unused retail ‘airspace’ into a valuable selling zone.

Congratulations to the whole team at id8 Studio who made this dream of creating new space for independent supermarkets a reality!

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