Project Description

id8 Studio, Display Stands, Tip Top Sandwich Thins


Tip Top Sandwich Thins was launched 1 May 2017. This was a platinum launch with a full integrated launch campaign. The product was launched to drive bread consumption at the lunch occasion.

Shopper research data showed Tip Top that the sandwich alternative shopper was looking for something new, and highly engaged across the segment. With Australians being more health conscience, shoppers are looking for a lighter lunch alternative, reduced calories, good source of fibre plus a soft & tasty lunch product.

The launch was modelled on the back of learnings from the UK category that was launched 5 years ago, incorporating local shopper research showing that off-locations displays and cross-segment merchandising are critical to drive both trial and repeat purchase.


Suite of items provided a solution suitable for all store tiers, grabbed consumers attention with the red colour, encouraged the shopper to purchase a new product and educated the shopper on the product and showed them inspiration on how to prepare this product for consumption. The red colour used reflected Tip Tops brand guidelines and the arresting artwork stood out amongst the clutter in stores.

Hangsell Units

Designed to easily attach onto existing bread aisle fixture. Acted as a disrupter to shoppers who were on ‘autopilot’.

Complimentary Display

Enabled field team to off-locate units in Fresh bunker with avocados, deli or checkout counters.

Small Footprint Display

Unit sits on top of existing dump bins. Provides high visibility of stock with tiered shelves. Dual purpose at Deli and in Fresh areas. Low height profile, easy to assemble and allows shoppability from two side.

Temporary Display

Low height profile enabling location in Deli area. Impactful design with appealing food graphics. Tiered shelves for improved product visibility and varying stock weight.

Permanent Display

Shoppability from two sides. Impactful design with curved body, visually arresting. Secures long term off-location. Low height profile, locating at Deli and Fresh areas.


Tip Top Sandwich Thins achieved 14% volume share of sandwich alternatives segment in first 8 weeks of launch.

3 out of the top 5 SKUs in the sandwich alternatives segment (out of 150 SKUs).

In the first 4 weeks of launch, achieved 4.3% household penetration, with 25% ( ¼) of shoppers returning to make a second purchase which was more than twice the target penetration rate.