Project Description

id8 Studio, Display Stands, Petbarn Grainfree


In the specialist pet care food category, human trends often cross over and this was the case with ‘Paleo’, ‘Natural’ and ‘Grain Free’ foods. The challenge was that non pet-specialist retailers including major grocery forces Coles and Woolworths had been quick to respond and quickly gained traction within this new sub-category.

In addition, Natural and Grain Free foods suffered from general category confusion, with a proliferation of claims, benefits, quality and price aspects making it difficult to understand and shop.

As Australia’s trusted advisor in pet care, Petbarn had a clear mandate to reclaim leadership within the category, deliver an enhanced shopping experience and drive volume uplift of Natural and Grain Free foods.


We created ‘Petbarn: The Natural Home of Grain Free’ (HOGF), a category reframe and designed a double pallet display which provided cut-through, drove education and created visual impact!

Focusing on defining Petbarn’s position as trusted advisor vs. grocery, HOGF was presented with a strong manifesto and distinct visual theme to deliver improved education and navigation.

The touch point plan mapped the campaign according to the objectives of:

  1. Inspire interest in Grain Free
  2. Drive engagement and education
  3. Deliver in-store visibility and improved navigation.

HOGF ran across touch points from EDM, catalogue through to point of purchase. The feature instore activation was a double pallet display that provided the visual impact required to drive traffic, interest and education in the new sub-category. The clever use of graphic and print processes ensured the core values of HOGF were reflected and fit for purpose. This included a corflute base and reinforced pallet corners to repel moisture and create a robust solution that will survive the Pet Speciality retail environment.


The ‘Petbarn: The Natural Home of Grain Free’ campaign was a great success in inspiring interest, driving engagement and delivering visibility. Shoppers were better placed to act on the health and wellbeing benefits of ‘Natural’ and ‘Grain Free’ food options, driving the overall premium food category growth through trade up. But most impressive was the volume uplift. Sale for Core Grain Free and Wellness products were up +16.5% during the campaign duration.