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The Brand path 2 Retail

Everyone loves an exhibition; a place where people come to be wowed by new products and be immersed in brand experiences.

As consumers, over the last 5 years we have seen so much happening in the ‘shopper’ space to make purchasing less transactional and more fun.

In-store sales assistants have been replaced product consultants because shoppers are super savvy and expect more then a ‘swipe and bag’ purchase when they make to effort to buy from a physical retail space.

Where once we saw stores with products tightly packaged, shrink wrapped and shelved, companies like Apple have led the way in creating retail shop fronts with products taken out the packages; designed to create a deeper consumer connection through a far more tactile experience.

Like Apple, toy retailers such as the iconic Hamley’s in London are also putting shopper first, with a fusion between ‘exhibition and selling’; demonstrating new products at every aisle turn!

But before shoppers, there is retail.

Retailers know that the brand and product experience is at top of shopper minds in-store and tradeshow style exhibitions are an excellent way for brands manufacturers to demonstrate what their persona or story is pre-store.

With the toy sector such a fun and exciting space, we visited the Melbourne 2020 Toy Hobby & Licencing Fair earlier in March to see how some of the brand manufacturers were playing in this important step before shopper.

With both brand and experience at top of mind, below are our top 5 thoughts on what created strong and engaging Exhibition Displays:

  1. Make bold statements – Brand statements lead people into the experience and are critical in creating an instant emotional connection.
  2. Create an exciting entrance – Let people know where the journey starts so you curate the brand experience your want from the very start.
  3. Build a strong and consistent persona – Make every turn another step in the product offering, connecting multiple products together under one strong umbrella.
  4. Design a multifunctional exhibit – From emotive brand statements, to playful exhibits, to gallery style showcases; a good exhibition display works when there are different types, and varying levels of experience.
  5. Make the space welcoming – Ensure that the design considers personal space within the exhibition that will take people through the brand journey in a personal and welcoming way.

With many years of experience working in Exhibition design, the team at id8 Studio would love to work with you on your next project. How can we help you bring your brand to life in this wonderful arena!

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