Penguin Display Wins Global Award!

2024 Global Award Win for the Iconic Penguin Brand & Stand!

11 April 2024: The Shop! Global Awards winners were announced last week at an awards ceremony at Shop! MarketPlace in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. id8 Studio together with our client Penguin Random House won the Shop! Global Award for Penguin Books Display in the Service Retailers category.

The Shop! Global Awards recognise excellence in point-of-purchase advertising display, marketing-at-retail activations and retail design. Shop! Affiliates’ around the world come together to celebrate international best in class.

To be eligible to enter the Global Awards, displays need to be gold award-winning in the country of their origin.  All gold award winners are invited to be judged by a distinguished panel of Global industry professionals.

Thank you to our wonderful friends at Penguin Books Australia for trusting us with this exciting and now Global Award Winning project!

Read about the Penguin Display and its success at retail.

Penguin Books Display

Highly adaptable. The Penguin Stand can display feature paperbacks or books from the flagship range. Photo credit: Left: Instagram @TheBookCowKingston. Right: Instagram @PenguinBooksAus

What were the display objectives?

Since Penguin Books was founded in 1935, their paperback book was key to the publishing brands success. The ‘Penguin’ logo was created to be a “flippant but dignified” symbol. Today the logo continues to be at the heart of the company’s brand strategy.

Summer 2022: Penguin Books was looking to find a new way to leverage consumer sentiment for the Penguin brand with a memorable display. They were planning a marketing campaign; ‘Penguin Lives Here’ where this display could be used by bookstores as an indication that their store was home to the best books curated by the Penguin brand.

Task: Create an unforgettable display to become the brands hero in-store; tying social media activities to physical retail environment.

Critical criteria: Create theatre in-store around the Penguin brand. Supply bookstores with a unique & beloved display that they will keep in their windows/stores for years to come!

1. Leverage the Penguin brand logo.
2. Give Penguin books a home in one exciting location.
3. Use the display to ensure high visibility for their titles.
4. Provide bookstores with an iconic display, driving visibility for Penguin Books & create an exciting backdrop for shareable social media posting.

Display challenges:

  • Permanent display – 1+ years.
  • Functional display to encourage stores to use it for many years & consider it as piece of furniture or permanent store fixture.
  • Easy for stores to assemble.
  • Make Penguin brand the focal piece of every store!
Instagrammable moments for customers and retailers alike. Photo credit: Left, Instagram @PenguinBooksAus. Right, Instagram @CollinsBooksWagga

Materials, design & construction

Design, flexibility & function:

The iconic black and white logo silhouette forms the framework of the display, and 3 orange shelves create a link to Penguin’s brand colour. Webbed feet are the perfect finishing touch whilst creating additional surface coverage for stability.

The design worked with the aesthetics of the Penguin logo to create shelves that are wide enough to merchandise a variety of different book ranges, sizes, and shapes – either fronton or side on.

Highly adaptable in-store.

  • Promotional use: Windows, entrances, and targeted promotions.
  • Permanent use: Any floor location and used as a beacon on retail store fixtures. Integrated into existing wall bays.

Materials: 16mm plywood, black laminate panels with vinyl eyes. Orange lacquered shelves.


  • The structure of the display follows the form of the iconic Penguin Books logo.
  • The 3 main panels are silhouettes of the logo and easily identifiable. The unprinted panel creates the internal support, whilst the 2 plywood panels (complete with black laminate &eyes) form the outer sides. White dowel is screwed into the middle support panel in 6 locations.
  • The customer facing front and back pieces attach simply with hex-screws using an allen key provided.
  • The feet then attach creating stability, whilst reinforcing the penguin aesthetic.
  • The small, large & medium-sized orange shelves attach to the penguin’s cavity using 2 screws per shelf.
  • Shelf dividers can be slotted into place by retail teams as required for different book sizes.
Photo credit: Instagram @PenguinBooksAus

How were the objectives met?

We created an unforgettable display for the Penguin brand, tying social media activities to physical retail environment.

Link to social media activities:

  • Turned the display into a social media challenge.
  • Linked the displays with a powerful social media campaign to win the iconic Penguin Books display.
  • ‘Want to win a one-of-a-kind Penguin bookcase, plus $1,000 cash to spend as you wish AND $500 worth of books from your favourite bookstore? Simply fill out our survey to tell usabout your love of reading, and you’ll be entered to win.’
  • Results: Win a Permanent Penguin social media competition achieved over 2.5 million impressions.
  • The humble retail display made a huge impact with consumers who loved them so much that they wanted to own one themselves!

Iconic stand for an iconic brand:

  • Using the internationally renowned logo as the focal point clearly called out the brand and created an emotional connection to the much-loved Penguin Books brand.
  • The displays were used as engaging promotional devises as well as permanent store fixtures.
  • Stores used the Penguin very creatively to promote seasons, book launches, Author visits etc. They dressed-up the Penguin with items that suited the focus of that time. E.g. Hats, sunscreen, beach toys for Summer.

200 Penguins have been utilised in bookstores across Australia.

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