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Uncle Tobys Oats

How that extra WOW can influence shopper behaviour

Today when shoppers can easily buy a product online and receive delivery overnight, the physical retail store serves a very different purpose then just a few years ago.

In-store experiences can deliver enjoyable memories that attract the attention of shoppers with the goal of winning their loyalty long-term.

Customers shop in-store to get those experiences they cannot get online.

And although there is a big gap between what a premium product with a permanent footprint can achieve in-store to what a temporary promotional display can do, the goal should always be to create a customer experience that is designed to appeal to shoppers’ senses, and ultimately, their emotions.

So how do we create POS displays that create a positive on-shelf experience whilst triggering stimuli early and not leaving shopper engagement to chance?

Tools that drive shoppers to be wowed, linger and learn


Of all the extra mechanisms available to a temporary retail display including lights, motion and sound, adding lights has the most positive impact on dwell time.

Lighting in displays can be used primarily in 2 ways:

To backlight and therefore showcase a product
To create a call to action (CTA) with promotional messaging

Temporary displays are usually free standing and therefore battery powered lighting is the perfect solution to create a CTA in these cases.

Our designers engineer displays with well-considered graphic space to improve its communication. This elevates its brand presence in-store from a display that simply holds products, to a solution that maximises impact on shopper behaviour.

Adding battery powered LED lights to a graphic space is an excellent beacon creating attention and highlighting key messaging.

This can be seen in the Purina Bright Minds Pallet Display that uses flashing LED’s perfectly, highlighting the light bulb graphic. This simple addition transforms a pallet display which is traditionally used to hold mass stock quantities, into a smart display that highlights the products uniqueness.



Motion effectively draws shopper attention to specific elements of a display, and when aligned with graphic messaging, this can create another eye-catching element that disrupts shoppers’ path to purchase.

In the Uncle Toby’s Oats display ‘WHAT POWERS YOU’, the modular 3D header component of each bin becomes key to communicate the idea of ‘Oats = Power’.

The wind turbine spins with the addition of a cost-effective battery powered spinner.

Along with the simple yet powerful messaging, this is a wonderful fit for the temporary display, grabbing attention for that breakfast occasion moment near the grocery check-out.

(refer to images in header)


Sound is undoubtedly the biggest disrupter simply because it is the least expected!

Free standing displays benefit most from adding sound bites because it draws attention to a display highlighting that specific product and promotion.

Motion or touch-activated sound devices are perfect as they create impact when you want it (when shoppers are passing) while also limiting unwanted disturbance to the general store environment.

The ‘Jack Daniels Harley Irons to be won’ promotion was an excellent occasion to draw attention to the promotion through motion activated Harley engine starting up.

It was super effective display, achieving unprecedented sales results for Jack Daniels.

This activation won top honours at the Global POPAI/Shop! Awards way back in 2011, and still today the ‘Jack Daniels Harley Irons to be won’ activation is discussed within the retail marketing community.

Click play on the image (and turn volume on) to hear the sound bite when motion is detected.

In conclusion

Lights, motion and sound can effectively be used to increase shopper engagement, dwell time and ultimately support increased sales.

Lighting is excellent to highlight one brand over another on shelf, whist adding lights, motion and sound to gondola-ends or free-standing displays in aisles attract shoppers who are not yet at the display.

Talk to the creative team at id8 Studio about ways to design high impact shopper experiences triggering stimuli early and not leaving shopper engagement to chance!