SONY SRS Bluetooth Speaker Displays

Live Life Loud.

Blending impact with ease of shopability.

With consumer insights highlighting growth in the Bluetooth speaker market, the opportunity to take the lead in the category was up for grabs. With several key players in the market, the SONY SRS Bluetooth Speaker Range Display needed to outshine other brands in the category.

Display Design Objectives

  1. Update SONY’s old SRS portable Bluetooth speaker displays with a new premium display designed to be future proof.
  2. The display needed to stand out instore whilst having a clean and uncluttered appearance, creating a solution which would be easy for the customer to navigate.
  3. The design of the display needed to keep assembly simplicity at top of mind, to enable quick and straight forward assembly on site by SONY’s field team.

    LIVE LIFE LOUD! Making an impact in category whilst keeping the display visually easy to shop.

Functional Brief

  • Display to hold 4 products
  • Products were to be easily updatable in the future
  • Play/Skip track buttons needed to be re-positional
  • Easy access to media player componentry
  • Stand out instore
  • Logo to be re-positional
  • No vibrations when speakers activated
  • Easy to assemble for SONY rep team
Unique tracking strip created to enable easy repositioning.

id8 Design Solution

Display was to hold (x4) products

  • We created a one long horizontal strip along the top of the display so multiple products can be installed and moved into any position.

Products were to be easily updated in the future

  • Mounting plates are designed for each specific speaker, making installation easy and no bulky fixing brackets are seen.

Play/Skip track buttons needed to be re positional

  • Multiple holes for buttons are produced and hidden beneath spec card. Buttons can be re-positionable to best suit the product.

Easy access to media player

  • A large space in the base of the display gives media player componentry plenty of space and easy to update.

Stand out instore

  • Bright vibrate colours are used on the illuminated back wall light-box.

Logo to be re-positional

  • Easy to adjust logo to position anywhere along the top of the display.

    Future-proofed display: Multiple holes for buttons are produced and hidden beneath specification card to enable easy product updates.


The designs simple construction enabled the Sony field team to build the display without the need to use additional installation contractors.

The SONY SRS Bluetooth Speaker Display has been rolled out in consumer electronic stores across Australia and New Zealand.

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