Samsung Lifestyle Expansion Zone

SAMSUNG Lifestyle Expansion.

The Good Guys Taylors Lakes, Victoria


In 2021, Samsung’s award winning ‘Lifestyle’ TV Displays’ were rolled out nationally across electrical retailers.  Two years later, an exciting opportunity arose to show The Good Guys what Samsung could achieve when given a larger footprint in the TV Zone category.

Since the SAMSUNG Lifestyle TV Displays were originally introduced, the physical size of TV’s has grown along with consumer appetite for big screens and immersive experiences. The allocated space in many retailers, however, had not grown to accommodate the need for more area in-store to showcase the range.

The Good Guys were keen to give Samsung the opportunity to trial a larger space at their Taylors Lakes Victoria store that would hold the complete range with accessories for SAMSUNG Lifestyle products.

Not only would the expanded space mean that more Samsung Lifestyle products would be on display, but also that consumers could experience SAMSUNG’s unique Lifestyle range with design and lifestyle at its heart.

Result: The expanded space enabled Samsung Lifestyle’s look and feel to be incorporated into the overall aesthetic of The Good Guys in-store experience – a creative license to take customers through an immersive home entertainment experience.

The expanded space meant that Samsung gave The Good Guys more bang for buck with increased opportunities to educate, inspire and more opportunities to add to shopper’s baskets. It’s a win win for brand, retailer, and customers alike!

Project details below.

Case Study

With Samsung Lifestyle sitting as the 3rd highest seller in the TV category, the brand jumped at the chance to maximise customer experience and cross-sell, with the latest home audio and projector offering all on show in a more immersive setting. 

Display Brief

The brief was simple. The design team at Cheil had conceptualised a ‘walk-in’ style concept render that incorporated the full collection of products including:

  • The Frame range, including 50” model on a rotating mount
  • The Serif on its own feature end
  • The Freestyle Projector in full demo mode
  • The Frame Bezel and accessories range
  • Soundbars and sub speakers

Our task was to engineer a sturdy but flexible solution, that allowed easy cable access and would include an illuminated feature graphic, parquet style flooring, and a hooded alcove for the projector screen.

At 1.7M high, 3.9M long and 2M wide this was no small fixture, so a key challenge was to create modular components that would ship efficiently and still assemble with no fuss.

Customer Experience

Insights show the design and aesthetic of consumers’ living space is increasingly a driver in purchase decisions. Therefore, products that will help define this space are shopped with both form and function top of mind.

Bringing a home life feel to the display was key to creating an experience in which shoppers could check out the various TV designs in a living room setting. Cozy wall covering, parquet floor, video projector alcove, and subtle greenery merchandised the display as it would your lounge room!

Customers interact with the Freestyle projector, test function, view The Frame range and various frame bezel options to create the ‘artwork’ illusion that would suit their own space.

Key Features

A key feature is the ‘walk in’ design, immersing shoppers in the 4K, and Neo QLED 8K visual and audio quality of the Samsung range.

Hero models from each of the Lifestyle range are displayed in their largest screen size on the outside of the display, with the prime-time end cap showing off the ‘rotating mount’ available with The Frame TV allowing viewing in portrait mode. This TV rotates automatically and disrupts the shopper with its eye-catching action.

Design-wise, lift off base covers allow access to all media players and cable management. The internal frame of all walls is hollow to allow Samsung’s ‘one-connect’ audio and power cable to be easily installed and managed.

Top caps on each wall mean that the power drop – mains power can be brought into the display from any point.

A translucent lightbox print on the outside wall is a premium way to call out the range hierarchy using a brightly lit, high resolution print.


With each style and variant on display, this fixture has captured the essence of a chilled home environment and creates a destination for shoppers to be surrounded by the design intent of the SAMSUNG Lifestyle range.

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