More than a TV, this is Samsung Lifestyle

Samsung display
Samsung display
Samsung display

Samsung Lifestyle Displays at JB Hi-Fi

Samsung’s 2020 Lifestyle Range of TVs are “so much more than screens, they’re stylish pieces of design that will elevate your space”.

With design and lifestyle at the heart of the new Samsung range of TVs which include ‘The Frame’ and ‘The Serif’, it was important that the retail displays in JB Hi-Fi were created with their brands look and feel incorporated into the overall aesthetic of the in-store experience.

When Samsung approached the team at id8 Studio to create the in-store displays that would showcase the new range, we were excited to bring their ‘Lifestyle’ vision to life.


The TV department within home electrical retailers can look like a sea of screens. These departments tend to have a technology feel, which presents shoppers with options based on quality, size, and price. Although brand plays a role, it is often simply a logo used on a wall above the TV.

We needed to approach this display differently so that Samsung could promote the Lifestyle Range as more than TVs, but rather a ‘story’. People needed to know not only what the home experience might look like, but also the range’s technology benefits.

The Samsung Lifestyle products

To design the in-store zone, we needed to understand the Lifestyle products and their features.

Both The Frame and The Serif are unique.

The Frame is a TV when on, and art when it’s not. It has a modern look designed to blend into any home. It also has a range of frame options to suit any décor.

The Serif is designed to look good at any angle with its iconic ‘I’ shape profile. It also has the option to be freestanding and comes with 2 exclusive screen patterns to set the mood of your space when the TV is off.

Samsung display

The retail experience solution

We needed to transform existing TV wall’s and gondolas at JB Hi-Fi, to Samsung Lifestyle zones.

The displays needed have a clean and uncomplicated feel, making the products the hero. It was also critical to promote the range using the Lifestyle colours and materials in Samsung’s Lifestyle range global brand guide.

As the new displays needed to be retrofitted to existing JB Hi-Fi wall fixtures, we purchased one of the JB wall racking systems so that we could create the ideal solution that would suit the function of our new system.

Samsung display

Our new solution uses a combination of materials and finishes with look, feel, assembly and updateability in mind.

The retail display for the previous Lifestyle range incorporated a premium finish which was not ideal for the busy retail environment.

The new solution uses a robust, industrial finish in line with the Lifestyle dark timber grain, which still retains the premium look you would expect from Samsung. The planogram can be adjusted, and our skilled installers can easily repair any of the covering material on site.

The display also incorporates a base shelf, giving the Samsung Lifestyle range a feeling of a zone. It also allows the floor standing Serif TV to be presented with a more realistic and contemporary feel, suited to the design enthusiast.

Other important features include:

  • Shelves to display Lifestyle TVs
  • Shelf to collocate the 2020 Q-Series Sound bar with The Frame TV
  • Custom printed ‘Indicator panels’ to identify both Frame and Lifestyle TVs
  • White acrylic non-illuminated Samsung branding

The materials, look and assembly were engineered and perfected in id8’s studio, and then approved by Samsung via Zoom meetings during Covid-19 restrictions in March and April this year.

Samsung display

The result

The Samsung Lifestyle Wall looks like a gallery in the JB Hi-Fi store environment.

It presents the ranges latest technology, combined with the contemporary feel and aesthetics that are 100% suited to the brand.

The display enables the products to look like they belong anywhere in a home; on a wall like a piece of art, on a shelf or on a modern timber floor.

It also showcases how easy ‘The Frame’ TVs are to hang close against a wall utilising Samsung’s unique Slim Fit Wall-mount with one simple cable running from the TV.

The Samsung Lifestyle walls have been rolled out nationally by the id8 Studio installation team.

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