SONY BOUTIQUE Headphones Display

Sony boutique display in-store
Sony boutique display
Sony boutique display
Sony boutique display

Sony boutique display

Creating an experiential first in market display for Sony’s ‘Truly Wireless’ earphones.

Project details: SONY BOUTIQUE Headphones Display

Retailer: JB Hi-Fi

Roll out period: November 2020 – February 2021

Activation: 150 displays produced / 145 installed


With a commitment from JB Hi-Fi to support the growing portable audio category, the team at SONY invested in a storewide upgrade from their existing 1.2-metre-wide wall mounted display to a premium 2.4-metre-wide demonstration unit.

A first-in-class design, the brief was to ‘raise the bar’ in the category, and deliver a premium, demonstrable display that would establish Sony as the category leader in JB HiFi.

Sony boutique display

The key challenge was to for the first time ever, enable customers to experience the In-Ear ‘Truly Wireless’ earphones. Never previously achieved due to hygiene challenges, the id8 response to the brief included:

  • In Ear product on display, in drawer under glass windows
  • Lockable drawer containing MP3 Walkman for pairing to ‘In Ear’ phones and demonstration under staff supervision
  • Disposable single use silicone earpieces, and disposal unit
  • Overhead headphones displayed; content controlled by touch pad tablet controller
  • Modular tiles across the display bench allow for range to be expended or contracted, or replaced with illuminated graphic
  • Lockable stock cabinets, fully illuminated with glass doors enable staff to make an immediate sale rather than retrieving stock from warehouse.
  • Full width fabric lightbox & lifestyle graphic
  • Illuminated pelmet logo

Sony boutique display

Upon order, we were hit with another first – a global pandemic!

Still, we pulled it off, 150 x displays produced, delivered to Australia, and rolled out nationally to all stores.

Success in execution, success in boosting sales, and success in claiming the category for Sony.

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Sony boutique display