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hardware store display
hardware store display



Repco is Australia’s leading automotive accessories retailer renowned for its authentic high quality automotive products, with more than 400 stores in Australia and New Zealand.

Aligning with Repco’s objective of raising awareness of safe winter driving, we worked with the iconic brand to create a free-standing retail display that would help bring wiper blades and globes categories together, at front and centre of the consumer’s mind.

Off location secondary instore placement was critical not only in educating drivers about winter vehicle maintenance, but also in holding replenishment stock during the promotion ensuring we had enough visible stock at front and centre during the seasonal peak selling time for the products.

Insight: Replacing these two parts on a vehicle can easily be done at home as a DIY task. Bringing both wiper blades and globes together in one solution, was an excellent way to educate drivers, whilst promoting Repco brand partners at front and centre.

hardware store displayRepco winter promotional display. Undressed to reveal second promotion.

Solution: We created a display that brought two brands, Trico® windshield wipers and Narva® driving light globes together, maximising winter seasonal sales opportunities with the implementation of a secondary off-location instore display.

But this was far more than a temporary display promotion! We extended the life of the promotional display by overlaying the floor stand with a secondary disruptive retail and trade promotion. The vision was to refresh the consumer promotion halfway through the display period, so the artwork component needed to be designed with dual messaging.

Instead of creating additional work for the Repco team of adding a new graphics dress-up kit for the promotion, we developed a transitional display that was “undressed” to reveal the consumer promotion creative underneath.

Results: The off location displays interrupted shoppers’ journey, educating people about the need to update both wiper blades and globes educating consumers on the best products for safe winter driving.

During the promotional period, Repco achieved impressive sales growth for both brands, and general sales growth within globes, wipers, and battery categories. This was achieved during the first wave of Covid-19 in Australia and New Zealand.

From the halfway point where the display was undressed to reveal the instore sales promotion, both competition entries and sales ramped up, seeing both product sales and entries doubling.