Project Description

id8 Studio, Display Stands, Duracell


Procter & Gamble required a permanent floor display to highlight their Duracell product range and create brand awareness in store. The brief required the display to hold a large range of battery products and to be flexible for varying planograms.




We designed two units, one with four facings to maximise stock weights and the second unit with 3 facings to cater for smaller footprint stores and allowing maximum flexibility in positioning this unit near express checkouts and varying locations in store.  The 4 facing unit highlights the large choice of batteries on offer and the 3 facing unit increased the visibility for consumers. It has been designed to communicate promotional messages with interchangeable header cards whilst providing storage locations behind these headers to house spare hooks and products. The lockable wheels made it simple for staff to easily manoeuvre these units to high traffic locations in store. Having the two different styles allowed a 100% distribution to all Coles stores.


Coles – total store with display vs store without display returned uplift of 22% of sales.
Target – Total compliant store vs non-compliant store uplift of 13% of sales.
The use of the off location display in store continues to be effective today and is becoming an integral behaviour of consumer habit for shopping that product.