Project Description

id8 Studio, Display Stands, Halo XBox


When Halo 4 was about to launch in Australia, Microsoft found that many of the major retailers had committed floor-space to other titles and platforms in terms of Visual Merchandising space. We decided to focus on JB Hi-Fi and try to maximize our return on investment on a limited budget by being creative.


  • A solution which has longevity
  • Ease of assembly is key
  • Speed to market
  • Cost-effectiveness is important
  • Create additional space if possible
  • Maximum visibility in-store
  • Showcase the whole Halo 4 Range in one spot for cross and up-sales.


Polypropylene base for stability, durability and ability to brand

  • Part-assembly at ID8 premises
  • Shipped direct to individual stores
  • Materials used were affordable; card, vac form plastic trays and polypropylene
  • Polypropylene wings added impact and allowed hooks for hangsell product
  • Vac form trays allowed us to range the actual game, Halo 4 Xbox Live cards and limited edition console and wireless controller.


JB Hi-Fi were so impressed that they gave us all shop windows in Australia in November.

81,000 units sold Day One; 181,000 sold in Month One; exceeded budget by 45,000 units.