Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator Launch

Samsung display

Detailed approach for the BESPOKE Refrigerator display.

“Samsung’s new Bespoke Refrigerator taps into trends of modularity and customisation, responding to Australians’ desire for personalisation, flexible functionality, and a bespoke aesthetic in every room of the house.”

A premium yet minimal display solution was required to create a seamless retail experience for shoppers to engage with the new Bespoke range.

Thank you CHEIL Worldwide Australia for partnering with us to bring the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator displays to The Good Guys and Harvey Norman retail stores.

The Background

In a world of monotone home appliances, Samsung has come to the party with a unique and colourful way to customise your kitchen, allowing a designer look with built-in flexibility in their newest offering – the Bespoke Refrigerator range.

The Bespoke Fridge combines function with form. They are stocked with the top features you’d expect from the leading brand. Not only can you customise the layout and settings, but you can also choose from a range of interchangeable colour panels to suit your personal style.

As part of the Bespoke Home range, the team at Samsung were excited to bring this new product to the Australian market in time for Christmas 2022.

Our Role

Alongside agency partners CHEIL Worldwide Australia, our role was to produce and deliver end cap displays for Harvey Norman, and modular wall displays to fit The Good Guys.

It’s always fun managing multiple stakeholders, but CHEIL provided approved visual concepts for id8 designers to follow. It was then over to us! Our biggest challenge was timing – delivery prior to retailers’ Christmas lock-out.

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator Modular Wall Display at The Good Guys.

The Brief

Using a neutral colour palette, the brief for id8 Studio was to follow the concepts provided, and create a premium yet subtle display that would enhance the colourful finishes of the product,  appealing to the target audience – design savvy, stylish homemakers.

Id8 operations were tasked to ensure the 30 plus displays were shipped and installed within a 2 week period in November, and of course, work to a set budget!

End cap display at Harvey Norman. Colour swatch range and interactive tablet device for range browsing.

The Design

Id8 Studio designers went to work, engineering a different design for each retailer, using clever hidden access panels to ensure future proofing, and access for product and POS updates.

Features include:

  • Understated pin stripe lighting
  • Colour swatch range
  • Interactive tablet device for range browsing
  • Bench top experience kit
  • Vertical baton texture around bottom half of display
  • Satin 2 pack coating finish
Sleek wall display promoting the colours and flexibility of the Bespoke Refrigerator.

The Result

Engineered, prototyped, and executed across 30 stores by the mid-November cut-off date – the Samsung Bespoke Fridge range was launched into Australian retail, elevating the homes of customers seeking more personal expression and enjoyed great exposure nationally.

“The Bespoke Fridge displays we rolled out prior to Christmas put us in prime position to launch into the Australian market. Our retail partners love the end caps and we are looking forward to some great sales results. Cheil and id8 managed the execution under pressure and delivered a premium execution.”

-Samsung Retail Project Manager – HA

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Credit: Samsung